100ml Shoe Cleaner Concentrate


SNEAKERRAP’s Cleaner contains four different surfactants (foaming agents) which all function by breaking down the interface between water and oils and/or dirt. They hold these oils and dirt in suspension (the foam you see) and allow their removal. Although these surfactants have the same function, they have different specialties which harmonize extremely well when achieving dirt and stain removal. To further ensure phenomenal cleaning capabilities, we have added detergents which specialize in breaking down of dirt alone and oils alone.  This is highly effective as dirt and oil have vastly different chemical compositions making it difficult for detergents to be successful in breaking down both. Think rugby and soccer: they are both ball games on a field. However, an expert at one will find it extremely difficult to be of the same standard in the other. While the removal of dirt and oils are important, so is the killing of bacteria. We have therefore added an environmentally friendly industrial grade antibacterial component. Lastly, we have added a natural compound which whitens and brightens, and enhances stain removal and disinfecting.



Our 100ml shoe cleaning concentrate was developed closely alongside our best sneaker cleaners. We tried and tested various formulas on numerous materials, until we formulated this high foam concentrate that is sensitive enough for delicate materials, yet powerful enough to remove tough stains.


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